The filter in the KIK house in Kailahun, Sierra Leone


Ice Cream Challenege


We entitled this appeal the ice cream challenge after reading statistics relating to how much money people in Europe spend on ice cream.  If all money spent on ice cream in Europe over a five year period was spent on providing clean drinking water for those who did not have any, it would mean that no one in the world would have to drink dirty water.


We asked people to put any money they would normally spend on ice cream in to an old ice cream container and donate it to our challenge.  We managed to raise over £1,000.  FLC then matched this amount.  With the money raised it was possible to buy a number of clean water kits.  Some of the kits were donated to Links International who distributed the kits amongst the poorest of the poor in Africa and India, 8 kits went out to the Nixon Memorial Hospital in Sierra Leone, via Kids in Kailahun (KIK) a Christian charity working there,  1 kit was donated to KIK for their house which is used to run their programmes and is also used by visiting teams and the last 18 Kits have been donated to KIK, these units will be installed in teh local schools and hospitals in Kailahun Town.






Filters on the wards at the Nixon Memorial Hospital, Sbegwema, Sierra Leone