Thank You 


Dear Friends,


Thank you so much for all your prayers, donations and support for our appeal.  We really appreciate it. We are only a small NPO, but have been overwhelmed by the response of family, friends and friends of friends in wanting to support us and more importantly wanting to help Japan in their time of need. 

We have managed to visit affected areas numerous times and tried to help wherever possible. We couldn't have done this without your support. As you can imagine, the clear up is not a 2 week job, it will take years both physically and mentally for the Japanese people to recover, so to see the look on some of their faces, to hear their stories, and to try and offer hope to them has been a very humbling experience. Again, without your support, none of this would have been possible.


Thanks again,




Tom and Sarah


 Tom and Sarah  


Tom & Sarah


Tom and Sarah Wadsworth are living in Japan, Sarah is a former member of FLC. When the earthquake struck they were not directly affected but it soon became apparent that this was a disaster of great magnitude.  The church that Tom and Sarah attend took immediate action and set to raising funds to buy blankets and supplies that would be needed by the people living in the areas directly affected by the earthquake.  Full Life Church were able to help by providing a base for UK fundraising.