Lorraine Patience


Lorraine was brought up in a Christian family and church has always been a big part of her life.  She is married to Ali and they have three teenage children. Lorraine's passion is for the poor and she loves people, over the last ten years Ali and Lorraine have been involved in a number of small charities working mainly in Africa and eastern Europe.  


Lorraine now works for Full Life Church looking after the administration and organisation.


About Lorraine
Lorraine Patience


Heart Surgery - The way to Sanctified Living


Sunday, 5th June 2011


Lorraine takes a look at the symptoms of a sick heart and and how God always provides a way back for those that do not guard their hearts with all diligence.  This is a message about deepening our relationship with a God who wants us, His people to love Him with everything that we have.

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