Becoming Who We Are

The Church's Identity in Christ


What comes to mind when you hear the word “church”?


A building?


A service?


A gathering of people?


A community?


The word “church” can be applied to many different things, and it can bring to mind a wide variety of ideas and images, depending on how people define it.


But this can present us with a problem. If our perception of the church’s identity is different to that of the other members, then our expectations of it will also be very different too.


Think about these questions:


Why should I go to, or be a part of a church?


What does it mean to be a church member?


What is the purpose or mission of the church?


How should it achieve that purpose or mission?


What power does it have to do this?


How we answer these questions is entirely dependent on our understanding of the church’s identity. How can we possibly know what it means to be part of a church, what the church should be doing, how it should be doing it and why we should bother, if we don’t know what it is?


Worse still, if our perception of the church’s identity is different to that of God himself, then we may not even be a church at all! Just think about it – he is the church’s designer and creator, therefore, he must have the final say on what it is.


So we must ask the question, what does the Bible tell us the church is?


In this series we will be working through a number of images or analogies that are given throughout the New Testament, that tell us something about our identity as the church and our relationship with Christ.


And through a greater understanding of who we are, we’ll be better equipped to be the church that God designed us to be and live the life that he intends us to live.






Date Title Passage Speaker Sermon
08/01/17 What is the church? 1 Cor 1:1-9 Ste McLean
15/01/17 The church is a temple Eph 2:11-22 Ste McLean
22/01/17 The church is a body 1 Cor 12:12-20 Ste McLean
29/01/17 The church is a plant John 15:1-8 Ste McLean
19/02/17 The church is a flock John 9:39-10:18 Ste McLean
26/02/17 The church is a family Rom 8:12-17 & Luke 15:11-32 Ste McLean
12/03/17 The church is a wife Eph 5:17-33 Ste McLean
19/03/17 The church is a bride Various Ste McLean
26/03/17 The church's mission Acts 6:1-7 Ste McLean