Faith at Work
A walk through James

James must have had a fascinating childhood…
…growing up in first century Nazareth…
…learning his father’s carpentry trade…
…oh yeah, and having the Messiah as his elder brother!
Older siblings can be so annoying though; thinking they’re always right about everything.

The thing is, in James’ case, his older brother was always right about everything. That must have made him even more frustrating!



However, James and the rest of his family didn’tthink that Jesus was right, not when he first started his ministry anyway; they thought he was crazy (Mark 3:21). But by the time of his resurrection, all that had changed.


Jesus’ brothers are mentioned among the assembly of believers who made up the first church; even before the Holy Spirit came upon them on the day of Pentecost (Acts 1:14). And James eventually rose to become a prominent leader of that very same church in Jerusalem, alongside and perhaps even above the apostles (Acts 15).


What an incredible witness – that someone who was so close to Jesus, having grown up with him and thought that he was crazy, could have his mind so completely changed and be convinced that he was the Messiah!


So, did James play on his family status and use it as leverage to get himself into the most prominent position? No. In the first verse of the book that bears his name, he describes himself as a slave of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.


A slave of his own big brother!        


A slave is a very submissive position to take, but it’s also a very practical position to take. A slave lives to do the will of his master and this is clearly a great concern for James.


He wants our faith to be evident by what we do and not just what we say. Faith is not just a label that we apply to ourselves or something that leads us into church services each week; our faith should affect the way we live – all the time.


In this series we’re going to be working through the book of James and focusing on elements of its teaching that will enable us to take our faith beyond Sunday morning and let it influence every aspect of our lives. 






Date Title Key Passage (James...) Sermon
27/07/14 James: The humble servant 1:1
10/08/14 Finding joy in adversity  1:1-4
17/08/14 Pray for wisdom 1:2-8
24/08/14 The source of temptation 1:9-18
31/08/14 How to deal with failure 1:18-27
14/09/14 Remember who you serve 2:1-13
21/09/14 The transfer of wealth: An eternal investment 2:1-13
28/09/14 Faith without works is dead 2:8-26
12/10/14 The power of the tongue 3:1-12
19/10/14 Pursuing the right kind of wisdom 3:13-18
26/10/14 He gives more grace 4:1-6
09/11/14 Becoming "The Humble" 4:7-10
16/11/14 "If the Lord wills" - life as God planned it 4:11-17
23/11/14 The Lord of Hosts does not ignore injustice 5:1-6
30/11/14 Patiently waiting for the coming of the Lord 5:7-11
14/12/14 The power of prayer and the pursuit of the wayward 5:12-20