Passover -            

Salvation Revealed


When sin entered the world was God surprised?


Was He caught off guard?


   ....forced to make the most of the mess that resulted and work with the people who were gradually destroying His perfect creation?


 Or did he have a plan in place right from the start?

…a plan of redemption and salvation?
…a plan of grace and love?


In this short series leading up to our Easter celebration, we will see that God’s plan for our salvation was in place from the very beginning and echoed throughout history.

We will focus on one particular event that heralded Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, well over a millennium before his birth: The Passover.


We will see how God showed the people of Israel a foreshadow of his plan for redemption and gave them a glimpse of the ultimate saving grace that was to come.

On April the 1st we came together as a church and celebrated a Passover meal, culminating in us sharing the Lord’s Supper just as Jesus would have done after his final meal with the disciples.

Finally, on Easter Sunday, we celebrated Jesus’ victory over death and see that, unlike the Passover lamb, Jesus’ sacrifice is powerful enough to save all that believe. His gift of redemption was a onetime event which is offered to all people and stands for all time.




Doug Heke

Passover - The Prequel

Sometimes we can read a story from the old testament and think, "that's a good story but what has that got to do with me?".   This message aims to show that passover is more than just the result of all the things that happened before it. It is a new beginning for us all, making communing with God, like Adam did in Eden, a reality again.


Pete Goulding 

Passover - A Salvation Story  

Passover was more than simply an event, or a remarkable occurrence, or an historical enigma; Passover was an identity badge, it came to root Israel as a nation in all that was right, holy, devotional and unique about them. Decades after the event the people of Israel, as well as the surrounding nations both benign and aggressive, would contextualise Israel as a nation with their remarkable escape from Egypt.  

The exodus, the Passover, became who they were, it marked them, it individualized them, it gave them uniqueness transcendent to all other nations of their time. Down through the centuries, no Jew ever strays too far from his or her exodus story. The Passover has become them, it has shaped them, it has identified them.

In “Passover - A Salvation Story” Pete G draws a parallel between this power of Passover to the Jewish heart and the power of the gospel, the good news, to the heart and mind of the 21st Century disciple. He shows how just as Passover became the identity and hope of the Jew, so the salvation story continues to own us, shape us and change us as Jew and Gentile alike today. Passover was not just for those Jews under Egypt’s darkness, but for every Jew under any darkness for all time. Similarly the gospel exudes the perennial message of hope, change, light and forgiveness, to all people, all races, however dark, however lost. 


Passover Meal


Ste McLean

Sermon Link

Until now we have focused on the similarities that exist between the Passover and Jesus’ crucifixion but today we will look at one of the main differences: the resurrection.  Jesus resurrection was the most significant event in Christianity and in all of human history but what made it so significant?  We will look at some of the major characters who witnessed Jesus’ resurrection and the incredible transformations which took place in their lives as a result. Then we will see what it was about this one event that changed their lives so completely.