Powerful Submission

Encountering Gods presence through a life of obedience

Powerful submission.

It seems like a contradiction.
How can submitting be powerful?

Surely when you submit, you lose power…
…give it away…
…put yourself beneath someone else…
…take a step down in order to raise them up

In what way is that powerful?

Through this series we will see that the best way to experience the manifestation of God’s powerful presence in our lives is to submit to his authority and obey his commands.


Romans 6:16 tells us that whatever we choose to obey becomes our master. We can choose sin or we can choose God, there’s no third option. Either way we’re servants, whichever master we choose, we submit to something.


Jesus’ sacrifice gave us that second option; he freed us from the bondage of sin and allowed us to choose him as our new master. But what does that mean in our daily lives? How are we to serve him? What commandments are we to obey?


In Powerful Submission we will look at two different forms of obedience to God; ways that he has called us to serve him:


Firstly we will look at general obedience. This is obedience in the areas that God calls all Christians to devote their time and focus to. Things like studying his word, spending time in prayer, meeting together as a church family and serving other people. These are all important ways we can devote ourselves to God and grow in our relationship and knowledge of him. The best way to draw near to the master is to faithfully and consistently serve him.


Secondly we will look at specific obedience. If we faithfully serve God in the general, day to day aspects of our lives, he will start to use us in more specific ways. We will look at some characters from the Bible who were given specific callings from God. We will see how general obedience played a part in their specific calling, look at the difficulties they faced in responding to God’s call and the power that God displayed in their lives through their obedience.


When we submit to God’s authority and obey him as our master, we will experience the power of his presence in our lives.




Date Title Preacher Bible Reference




Ste McLean John 13:3-5, 12-17


Obeying God's Call to seek Him First



Ste McLean  Matthew 6:33


Understanding God's word



Ste McLean

Philippians 4:13



Obeying God's call to Worship



Ste McLean 1 Chronicles 13


Obeying God's call to Prayer



Doug Heke Various


Obeying God's call to Community


Ste McLean Acts 1-2,2:42,4:23-31


One Body, Many Parts



 Ste McLean 1 Corinthians 12 


Obeying God's Call to Serve



Ste McLean  


Obeying God's Call to Evangalism



Ste McLean  


Obeying God's Call When We Feel Inadequate



Ste McLean  


Obeying God's Call When We Don't Understand



Ste McLean  


Obeying God When the Consequences Seem Disastrous



Ste McLean  


Obeying God When it Makes You Look Silly



Doug Heke  


Obeying God When the Consequences may be Costly


Ste McLean  


Obeying God When we Don't Like our Calling



Ste McLean Jonah