We all know the story of Christmas.


Virgin gets pregnant – trip on a donkey – no room at the inn – baby born in stable – angels – shepherds – wise men – done.


It seems pretty irrelevant really; from another place and time; so far removed from 21st century Britain that it’s hard to relate it to our lives today.


What do we have in common with 1st century, Jewish shepherds or ancient, Middle Eastern astronomers? Is the story of Jesus’ birth still significant to normal people today or just the reserve of historians and those who are religiously inclined?


Through this series we will see that God’s message to mankind through Jesus is not only still relevant, it is universal. Jesus was a pivotal part of the creation of the world and his plan to come to Earth as a man, and live and die for our salvation, was in place from the beginning. Because of this, it was always intended for everyone; all people throughout history.


As we look at the biblical accounts of Christmas, we will be comparing and contrasting the key characters God used to form the events surrounding Jesus’ birth into the nativity story we all know. We will see that, even from the beginning of Jesus’ life, God was using and including men and women of different backgrounds, ages, races and social standing to bring about the universal message that we call the gospel.




Title Preacher Bible Reference


(The Word Became Flesh)


Ste McLean John 1:1-5

Zechariah & Joseph


Ste McLean Luke 1:5-22 & Matthew 1:18-25

Elizabeth & Mary


Doug Heke Luke 1:5-7;23-38

Wise Men & Shepherds


Ste McLean

Matthew 2:1-12 & Luke 2:8-20


Jesus & Herod:
A Tale of Two Kings


Ste McLean Matthew 2:1-8;16 & Luke 2:1-7

Conclusion: What Now?


Ste McLean Philippians 2:6-11