Your Kingdom Come
Jesus' Parables of the Kingdom

“Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed by Your name.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven…”


These are familiar words for most Christians.


The opening lines of the Lord’s Prayer are so well known that we can say them without fully considering their meaning.


So, what does it mean for God’s kingdom to come?

Phrases like, “Kingdom advancement,” and “the building of God’s kingdom,” seem to be popular at the moment. They are a common feature in song lyrics, book titles and church mission statements, but do we really understand what they mean?


What is this kingdom which Jesus taught us to pray for?


In first century Israel, people were desperate for God’s kingdom to come. They were looking for the prophecies of the coming messiah to be fulfilled, and the kingdom of Israel to be restored to its former glory under the ultimate heir of King David.

So, when John the Baptist pointed to Jesus as that messiah and Jesus himself started to perform miracles and to preach that “the kingdom of God is at hand” (Mark 1:15), it’s no wonder that people were excited; this was what they’d all been waiting for.

But it wasn’t long before they realised that the kingdom Jesus was preaching and the kingdom they were expecting were not entirely the same, and this led to a sharp division between those who followed Jesus and those who opposed him.

Jesus had come to establish a completely different kind of kingdom and it was one that no-one saw coming; one that was radically different to anything the world had seen before or since and one that is still being established today.


In Matthew chapter thirteen, Jesus told a series of seven parables to illustrate some of the unexpected traits of this new kingdom; traits that we in the modern world can be so familiar with that we miss just how startling they would have been to Jesus’ first followers, as well as his opponents.

In this series we will explore each of these parables in turn, learning some important lessons about the kingdom that Jesus came to establish that are just as true and relevant today as they were to the original listeners.





Date Title Key Passage Sermon
13/10/13 The Seed: The Message Of An Unexpected Kingdom Matthew
20/10/13 The Tares: What Fruit Will We Bear? Matthew
27/10/13 The Mustard: Are We A Plant Or A Tree? Matthew 13:31-32
10/11/13 The Leaven: What Are We Hiding? Matthew 13:33
17/11/13 The Treasure: How can we find it? Matthew 13:44
24/11/13 The Pearl: Detestable Beginnings To Glorious Destiny Matthew 13:45-46
08/12/13 The Net: A Catch Which Will Ultimately Need Sorting Matthew 13:47-50
15/12/13 The Passage: What have we learned about the kingdom? Matthew 13:1-52


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