Welcome to FullLife Church!

We're a contemporary, evangelical church on the outskirts of the city of Preston in Lancashire.

We believe that our faith is about much more than our church services, so we are committed to taking our faith beyond Sunday morning and into every element of our lives throughout the week. We seek to support one another as we live for Christ, not just in the gathered church, but in our work, our family and our friendships outside of the fellowship as well.

Based in the northwest of our city, we engage with and serve our community through regular events and social initiatives, such as a monthly children’s film club and through community action projects, such as a food bank.

Full Life Church does not belong to any formal denomination, however we are a part of:

Please have a look around our website or contact us to find out more. You would also be very welcome to come along to one of our Sunday services each week at 11:00am in Woodplumpton and District Club.